Our location – the town of Espelkamp

Busse Heizplattentechnik produces exclusively in its Espelkamp works, thus demonstrates its commitment to the business location of Germany, and belongs to the essential base of smaller and medium-sized companies under family ownership.

The manufacture and marketing of high-quality brand products is the company's central focus. The safeguarding of jobs in Germany and the creation of training places and apprenticeships is the secondary objective of the company.

Espelkamp lies in the north-west of the District of Minden-Lübbecke in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Its neighbouring municipalities are Hille to the east, Lübbecke to the south, Preußisch Oldendorf to the south-west, Stemwede to the west, Rahden to the north, and the integrated municipality of Uchte (in the federal state of Lower Saxony) to the north-east.

Espelkamp lies in the old moraine area of the North German Lowlands, in the Rahden-Diepenauer Geest landscape. It is also part of the Mindener Land region.

The Small Aue and the Great Aue rivers flow through the town area and have been dammed up to form the Großer Auesee lake, which offers a local recreation area with opportunities for swimming.

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