Heating tables! More flexibility – lower costs!

Acrylic-bound solid surface materials are used in both interior home finishing and in public and commercial buildings – from hotels to healthcare facilities and from shop design to shipbuilding.

Now is the time to secure your independence for the future.

These materials enable innovative and long-lasting design solutions to be realised through the combination of beauty and durability. Thanks to the options opened up by three-dimensional thermoforming, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

As these materials are processed at temperatures of approx. 150 - 160°C, standard presses are normally unsuitable. It is precisely for these applications that Busse has developed the heating table. Thanks to a stable construction on the one hand and a lack of unnecessary design features on the other hand, we can provide you with a product with a highly interesting price tag.

The work surface is adapted to the dimensions of the board manufacturers. What's more, the four steering rollers make the Busse heating table a product that can be flexibly deployed.
We are just as flexible in the design of the heating tables. Each product is manufactured to your specifications.


  • Sturdy, welded table frame resting on 4 castors
  • The top heating plate is fastened to the table frame only at the rear. This allows oversized boards to be pushed through without problems.
  • Easy material removal thanks to hinged top plate.
  • Opening facilitated by gas-pressure dampers.
  • Optional two-handed pneumatic control.
  • Single or multi-sectional heating surfaces.
  • Small footprint.
  • Full-surface heating conductor system with PTFE and glass filament braiding.
  • EasyLift – easy height adjustment for different material thicknesses.
  • Extensive special accessories.

Technical details:
Operating temperature: max. 170°C.
Available in all desired sizes.
Electrical connection values depend on the plate size.
Power rating per m² = 3500 Watt.
Temperature control by means of Microstats or electronic microprocessor controllers.


3D forming

Tool and die making

Forming and cooling tools are required for further 3D processing. Place your trust in the leading manufacturer in the field of pressing tools for plywood forming when buying these kinds of tools. Wooden tools made of beech plywood are primarily used for shaping the mineral materials. Tools made of aluminium are best suited for the recooling. The cooling media are guided through the tools through tube registers.

Our application engineers will be happy to help you further and answer your specific questions.