Steel pressing tools

Tools made from tool steel are primarily used in the production of Festholz® or Pagholz® presswoods and have an exceptionally long service life.

Steel tools enable a very high compression of the veneer plies. Electric or oil heating is possible. The use of a steel press mould with pinching edges is particularly beneficial since the edges of the moulded parts are then fully shaped, which minimises any subsequent end machining of the edges. Such a press mould separates the finished moulding from the surrounding offcut with its pinching edge during the pressing operation.

To add a further finishing to the pressing surfaces, they can of course also be chromed or any surface structure can be etched into them.


  • Maximum operating temperature: 250°C
  • Maximum pressure: 150 kg/cm²
  • Very long tool lifetimes
  • Integrated pinching edge