Press tools made of massive aluminium

Tools made of aluminium are recommended for a long tool life, short work cycles and severe 3D forming operations. They can be unheated, electrically heated or heated by liquid media.

In the case of pronounced three-dimensional shaping operations on moulded parts, the use of aluminium press tools is necessary. To this end, the support is produced out of aluminium panels, which are also clamped together as a block by steel bolts, or the support is milled out of massive aluminium. The heating can be carried out either by electric heating plates or by liquid heating media.


  • High tool lifetimes for large batches
  • An almost unlimited durability
  • Thanks to a suitability for higher temperatures, faster cycle times can be operated and capacities increased as a result.
  • Optimal for severe 3D forming.
  • Maximum temperature range: 160°C
  • Maximum pressure: 50 kg/cm²

In addition to competence and reliability, you can also expect the highest degree of flexibility from us. On request, all tools can also be supplied with the following extra features:

  • Logo stamp
  • Centring distances
  • Supplementary sheets
  • Stainless-steel sheets
  • Multi-level components to enhance productivity
  • Simplified handling of the tools through special cut-outs for lift truck forks