Press tools made of massive aluminium

Tools made of aluminium are recommended for a long tool life, short work cycles and severe 3D forming operations. They can be unheated, electrically heated or heated by liquid media.

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Press tools with multiplex support mould

Short delivery times and low tool costs are essential in a limited market segment. These requirements are also preconditioned by the trend towards ever smaller quantities.

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Steel pressing tools

Tools made from tool steel are primarily used in the production of Festholz® or Pagholz® presswoods and have an exceptionally long service life.

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Flexible plate heaters | 2D-Forming

Small batches or individually produced items demand flexibility. Flexible heating plates from Busse enable you to work with infinitely new shapes and curved edges.

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Temperature control systems

A temperature controller is always required to regulate Busse press tools. If no such controls are installed on your presses, they have to be retrofitted.

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