Aluminium electric heating plates for a variety of application areas

Electrical heating plates for virtually any application – from hotplates to sealing bars, for temperature ranges from 20°C to 450°C (60°F - 840°F), for a range of uses from the laboratory to strip mining.

You will be amazed at just how many products you can find in your day-to-day environment that have been produced using heating plates from Busse. We could start by mentioning a certain national daily newspaper, which is dried with the help of our heating plates. Your fridge insulated under the influence of heat. Your veneered desk. Various sound insulations and claddings in you car. But also your warm pretzel kept warm at the baker. We provide the appropriate heating plate for almost every application and for practically all sectors of industry.

Whether in the form of a small laboratory plate or for heating large surface areas in production engineering, Busse heating plates can be encountered in almost all fields of business and industry:

  • Heating plates for automotive suppliers in a diversity of designs
  • Heating plates for the photovoltaics industry
  • Thermobonding of nonwovens
  • Coating facilities for glass-fibre-reinforced laminates
  • Vacuum laminators
  • Thermoplastic processing systems
  • Small heating plates for laboratory work
  • Hotplates for PUR processing
  • Warming plates in the shopfitting segment
  • Heating plates for packaging and stamping technology
  • Tool heating

Modular in design – versatile in application

Electric heating plates are constructed in sandwich form. Aluminium sheets fitted with a heating system form the basis. A good temperature distribution is ensured by the small heating conductor distance within the plates. The modular plate construction enables various outputs per m2 to be achieved. Heights from 9 mm onwards are possible. Depending on the specification, several sheets are bonded, riveted or screwed together in a heat-resistant manner. Depending on the process involved, we integrate air or vacuum systems. Heating plates are divided up into several controllable zones to ensure a uniform heat distribution. We are also flexible in terms of plate sizes: whether a 100 x 100 mm heating plate is required for screen printing or a heating plate is needed for the foaming of refrigerated semi-trailers with dimensions of 15000 x 3000 mm. Practically every conceivable area can be realised .An important aspect in the design of your heating plate is the maximum operating temperature you want. The simplest plates are designed for temperatures up to 120°. You can operate the heating plates up to a temperature of 300°C in designs with special mechanical safeguards.

Replace defect heating levels on-site!

Downtimes in production involve high costs. Many heating plates are in use around the clock. When a heating plate becomes defect, immediate action is called for. Generally speaking, one can repair every electrical fault in the factory. Valuable time is lost by transport. The repair work can sometimes take days.

To deal with this problem, Busse Heizplattentechnik GmbH has patented a new system. All the sheets are no longer glued together. Every heating level is encapsulated with a thin aluminium foil and screwed together with the other components. As a result, the complete heating level can be replaced on site within a very short time. The conversion can mostly be carried out by a company electrician.

We are busy developing your heating systems according to your specifications. Among others, the following factors are of decisive importance for the design of the heating plates:

  • Heating plate size
  • Operating temperature
  • Output
  • Voltages
  • Specific pressures