Your heating plate – repaired in 6 hours!

You are right in the middle of veneering and your heating plates fail? The electrician discovers an electrical fault in a plate? Our 6-hour service will help you straight away and get you going again.

No problem. We offer you a 6-hour repair service. If you come to us early in the morning with a faulty plate, you can take the repaired heating plate back with you in the afternoon. In terms of its electrics, your plate is then as good as new again. If you are not in such a hurry, you can of course also send us your heating plates by freight carrier.

Generally speaking, heating plates with electrical defects can always be repaired, whereas mechanical damage is hard to fix. Completely replacing plates is often unavoidable because the repair costs frequently exceed the price of new ones.

Give us a ring and arrange a repair date. Telephone: +49 5772 9775-0