ImageKombi electric heating plates

Busse electric heating plates have been a elementary component of veneer presses for more than 20 years now. You, as user, know only too well: you can only impress your customers with high-quality products if you use faultless heating plates.

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ImageMedium heating plates

Busse medium heating plates are designed for use with liquid heating and cooling media. By using the existing resources from your own heating system, you can drastically reduce your running costs.

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Image Electric heating bars

Busse electric heating bars are recommended for bonding veneer and plastic edges – in both frame and edge presses and in workshops.

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Heating tables! More flexibility – lower costs!

Acrylic-bound solid surface materials are used in both interior home finishing and in public and commercial buildings – from hotels to healthcare facilities and from shop design to shipbuilding.

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Image Flexible electric heating plates

Small batches or individually produced items call for flexibility. The flexible electric heating plates from Busse enable you to work with infinitely new shapes and curved edges.

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Your heating plate – repaired in 6 hours!

You are right in the middle of veneering and your heating plates fail? The electrician discovers an electrical fault in a plate? Our 6-hour service will help you straight away and get you going again.

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Temperature control + accessories

The appropriate controller for every application. From the control cabinet to the output regulator.
Whether for Busse products or for third-party products, we have almost all the replacement parts in stock.

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Your specialist local dealer

For our woodworking product spectrum, competent specialist dealers are at your disposal in your area. If your own dealer is not one of these, ask him about Busse products. He will be glad to help you further.

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